The Difference Between A Ukulele And A Guitar

Hey guitar players! You wanna try something different and play a uke? Wondering what’s the difference?

This is how to turn a (standard) guitar into a (standard) ukulele:

a ukulele guitar
A “ukulele” guitar

A ukulele is 5 frets higher and uses the four high pitched strings, as demoed by my fingers. The guitar’s DGBE is the uke’s GCEA.

A guitar player could pick up a ukulele, start playing, and probably sound fantastic, but everything will be 5 semitones off. Your G is our C.

You could learn to transpose your chords, or you can “cheat”: Play a baritone ukulele. It’s tuned DGBE the same as a guitar.

koala baritone ukulele
koala baritone ukulele

Happy strumming!