Surviving Darkcouver

In the summertime, Vancouver is a sweet songstress. Nothing could be better.

In the winter, dark Vancouver is dark. Everyone gets mopey and talks about leaving for other snowy-yet-at-least-it’s-sunny climes. A shadowy depression seems to fall over the city.

I love Vancouver too much to let a little seasonal depression get in my way. Each year I try playing with a few different techniques, and this year, judging by how great I’m feeling, I think I’ve got it nailed.

These are the things I’m either doing or know that I really should be doing. Heh.

  1. Use a sun lamp at 10,000 lux first thing every morning for 15 minutes.
  2. A few drops of liquid vitamin D every day.
  3. Get outside every day, no matter how light or dark it is out there.
  4. Exercise most days. Preferably outside, if possible. Walking, jogging, and bike riding are great options.
  5. Take a sunny vacation. Even just a few days of real sun does wonders.

It’s amazing how doing even just one or two of these can help this half year of darkness seem that much brighter.

What are you going to try? What have you found has helped?